The Medsource Sales Bundle for Parks and Recreation literally gives you the complete package for transforming your department into a proactive resource the community needs.
As a Parks and Recreation department administrator, you know that emergency situations aren’t a matter of if. They’re a matter of when and where. With so many places in your municipality where emergencies could happen, you’ve got to put your team in a position to save a life at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a golfer collapsing from sudden cardiac arrest on the 15th hole of a public course or a swimmer being pulled unconscious from a crowded public pool, a lot needs to happen immediately after someone calls 9-1-1.
First, the equipment – every Medsource Lifesaving Bundle features a Philips AED that has on-demand audio instructions and SMART Pads that can be placed on the victim’s skin to monitor exactly where you are in the response process. In addition to a full supply of batteries, between uses, the AED performs over 80 different self-tests to help ensure you’re never caught off-guard by a functional issue during lifesaving.

Take the First Step: Parks and Recreation Bundle

Be prepared with the proper parks and recreation bundle. The all-in-one bundle includes Philips HeartStart FRx AED, FRx Carrying Case (Standard), FRx Long-Life Battery (LiMn02), SMART Pads II, FRx Infant/Child Key, CPR Responder KIT, HeartStation Trim Line Series Wall Cabinet, AED Wall Sign, Awareness Sticker, AED Status Check Tag.