No Matter What Industry Or Location,
You’re In The Life Saving Business.

We know that life-threatening emergencies like sudden cardiac arrest don’t select a convenient time and place to occur. But what if Medsource could connect you with an ideal mix of first-rate safety equipment and training tailor-made for your industry? Would that change things?

Let’s take a look:

Every business employee would know how to access and operate an AED.

Every first responder would be able to have one of the best portable defibrillators in the business to bring with them, so fire and EMS personnel could focus on saving lives where every second counts.

Every family member in your home would be able to use an AED in crucial moments – thanks to the device’s easy voice command instructions, anyone could save a life.

Nothing comes with guarantees, but at Medsource, we do know this much – when we put the right solutions in the hands of the right people at the right time, we significantly enhance the likelihood that a victim becomes a survivor. That changes the equation in a gigantic way where it’s no longer a matter of life and death. It’s A Matter Of Life And Life.

Every member of law enforcement arriving on the scene first, even before other first responders, would race to the scene with an AED so no victim would have to wait a second more than they had to.

Every school faculty member, staff worker, student, visiting parent and team member could step into a life-saving role during sudden cardiac arrest, from the classroom to the athletic field, at any elementary school or university.